Who We Are

Trinitas Forensics was founded in 2018 by Mary Gordon, after the Gordon family acquired the practice from forensic expert Dr David Klatzow and have expanded on the 25 years of knowledge base.

The practice has an extensive library of South African forensic case history, which will be utilised to make the South African public aware of the unknown world of forensics.

For justice to run its course as it should, it is pertinent that the truth is established. This is when forensic scientists are helpful to the justice system and their expertise may contribute to the outcome of cases.

Company Partner & Forensic Scientist – MARY GORDON

Mary Gordon completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic Science at the University of the Free State. She went on to complete her BSc Honours Degree in Forensic Science. Mary achieved both degrees with distinction, majoring in interdisciplinary forensic sciences in chemistry, entomology, genetics, and crime scene investigation.

During her Honours Degree, Mary focused on the difficulty of detecting fingerprints on thermal paper and discovered a novel technique as a potential solution to this industry issue. Mary plans to continue her academic career to complete her Masters Degree and Doctorate in forensic science.

Consulting Partner – WAYNE GORDON

Wayne Gordon is a well established business entrepreneur, known for a number of ground-breaking innovations in telecommunications, fin-tech, and corporate applications. Wayne is actively involved in the business utilising his extensive business experience, and commercial contacts and resources to expand and greatly improve the type of forensic network currently available to the South African public.


Bianca is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and will be focusing her interest on Profiling. Bianca’s hands-on approach, great sense of intuition and analytical skills of situations and scenes, careful collecting and analysing of evidence, produces excellent profile reports of individuals.